surprise results... 

without a surprising cost!

How do we achieve high quality work 

at breakneck speed & excellent value?

Delivering the right solution for our Clients is everything to us. Without our reputation for great results & happy customers, we simply wouldn't have a business.

Whether it's a new channel of contact, fresh ways of working, or different technology, our approach ensures you have control over the flexibility & budget at all times.

Welcome to a new way of delivering change.

The neos way


We believe that to find the best solution, you have to fall in love with the problem.

We are adept at uncovering the known knowns, known unknowns & the unknown unknowns.


We do this with speed & minimal disruption to your business.


We believe being able to experience & feedback on parts of the solution as it builds is key to success.


Our framework ensures we  deploy the right solutions against your objectives, taking you on a journey from prototyping features & scaling to the full solution as quickly & safely as possible.


We use design thinking methodologies to engineer viable solutions.


We work with your team to assess the possibilities.


Then we create a flexible programme that tests & deploys the solutions you have chosen.


Key to any new service, process or technology is the adoption by the users it is intended for. 


Without well planned adoption, your investment is pretty pointless.

We focus effort on user adoption from the start to the end of the programme, ensuring we start yielding a return from Day 1. 


Being clear on the approach delivering change is just as important as defining the problem and requirements.

We blend the best of Waterfall & Agile methodologies to ensure high flexibility in the solution against a robust budget & governance structure.


Ever felt locked into an infinite list of change requests?


Success for us means our Clients can make confident choices about what comes next.

Giving our Clients the tools to self-sustain the solution allows them to choose to work with us again. To us, thats a true partnership.


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