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The sommeliers of the customer service world!

The years of experience across our team are stacking up...we have 100+ yrs of CX, 50 yrs digital, 30 yrs change management, 25 yrs technology & 20 yrs social media experience.

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Have a look to see what each of us specialise in...

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graham ede

"The boss"

Serial entrepreneur & investor, experienced CEO focused on growth. Pioneer in Automotive CRM and Customer Service.


Motorboat enthusiast and useful five-a-side football player.


Responsible for running the Neos Wave Business.

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maria mccann

"The other boss"
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Leading global practitioner in digital customer experience. Contact centre obsessed with efficiency & self-fulfilling teams.

Mum, gamer, epicurean (not necessarily in that order).

Makes sure we improve access to customer service for all businesses that want it.

andrew johnson

"The rainmaker"

A direct marketing guru with nearly 30 years of experience in successfully promoting CX products and services.

A film and music buff and multiple pub quiz champion.

Andrew is responsible for reaching out to brands that need our help and not bombarding those who don't.​​​

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charli maulson

Great track record in delivering a wide range of CX services and products for Neos Clients.

Nature lover, hockey player & tinkerer of all things homemade.


​Makes sure our clients get what they need to serve their customers better & more efficiently.

"The swiss army knife"
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kurtis tournay-godfrey

"The suit"

A retail and luxury service wizard. From working for one of the best department stores in the world, now based in Milan working "Hands on" with our luxury fashion clients.

Cat person, avid reader & makes a mean martini.

Our client champion, ensuring customer success aligns closely with customer support to take customer satisfaction to the next level.

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david jacobs

Loves digging through data to see what story can be told, either through dashboards, reports, or visuals. Quick study in all things tech.


Humbled father, forever student, secret Sotheby’s spectator


Ensures our clients get business-ready insights from their Customer Support.

"the viz kid"
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ellie harley

"the intuitive empath"

Insightful public servant for over a decade. Trend spotting, human behaviour enthusiast

Baker, lover of sketching and trier of all things DIY.

Scouting talent from around the globe, HR and listening ear to the team.

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Luxury retail specialist, from sales, management to Customer Care with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Proud dad in a princess world of two little girls, outdoorsy and traveling where no one goes is his idea of an adventure.
Works directly with our clients towards improvement of their CX to the highest satisfaction of their customers and optimization of internal procedures.

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Afonso Duarte

paulina Leipen

Another fashion and luxury guru, specialising in digital marketing, social media management and CX.


Star Wars fan, buffalo wing connoisseur and auditionee in the kiddie Mexican version of The X Factor.

Works directly with clients to help lead and improve the CX to the highest standard of service.

"the brand enthusiast"
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Worked many years in the e-commerce industry, mainly as a CS agent, where she learned all about what companies are doing wrong with their Customer Service.
Enjoys yoga, homemade nachos & singing songs from musicals.
Now she helps our clients maximize their CS efficiency while providing all the necessary info to their customers with clarity.

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Francesca Verdecchia


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