We're Built to redefine customer service

built to solve

We are the first Customer Service Company to truly harmonise people & technology.


We take a problem, use our people and technology to incubate and scale a solution.

Think of us like Mary Poppins for Customer Service. Here until you don't need us.

built for success

We know how hard it is to pay for service that  manages failure.


We design widgets to solve the most common problems in Customer Service




Become a Legend.

built to serve

Our model supports autonomous Customer Care teams.


Which is why you don't pay for Buildings, Supervisors or teams of managers you never see.

Everything is geared towards serving Customers or developing those that do.

built for choice

Can't seem to figure out what those management costs are actually for?


Our simple pricing model allows you to choose a plan to suit your business & up or downgrade when needed.


Like Netflix.

Just for Customer Service.

built for agility

Constantly challenged to reduce Customer Service Costs while maintaining a high standard?

Signing up to putting bums on seats for 5 years with one supplier is not the answer.



But maybe we are.

built for the world

You can have world class talent or you can have talent limited to a location. 

But you can't have both.

Our solution? An enterprise-grade scalable team that allows us to offer world class talent from...


...Well, around the world.




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