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Luxury customer care tailor-made for aspirational brands

Neos Black

Curating experiences
Nurturing connections
Cultivating sustainability
Crafting unparalleled customer experiences

At Neos Black, we believe that the heart of any brand lies in the service it provides to its customers. With a meticulous focus on curating exceptional online customer care solutions, we offer bespoke services tailored to our global clientele. Backed by our extensive experience, fearless ambition, and uncompromising standards, we deliver unrivaled experiences that foster lasting relationships between brands and their customers. Our commitment to precision ensures that every interaction is finely tuned to surpass industry standards, setting a new benchmark for luxury customer care.

Elevating customer connections

We specialise in working closely with a select number of clients, offering premium multi-lingual customer care services and strategic guidance on customer experience. Our approach is personalised to meet the exacting standards of each client, with our handpicked team matched to their personality and ambitions. With over 90% of our clients coming from recommendations, we are trusted partners in curating elevated online customer experiences that resonate with discerning clientele worldwide.

Exceeding expectations with luxury service

Experience unparalleled attention to detail with Neos Black's suite of premium customer care services. From crafting personalised experiences through clienteling to providing proactive hyper-care, we go above and beyond to ensure every customer touchpoint reflects the epitome of sophistication and attention. Our virtual concierge service elevates the online shopping experience, while our robust measurement tools provide valuable insights to continuously refine your brand's service. Backed by a heritage of excellence and a commitment to precision, security, stability, responsibility, and uncompromising quality, Neos Black is your trusted partner in delivering luxury customer care that exceeds expectations. Begin your journey towards elevating your brand's aspirations by booking a complimentary exploratory session with our team.


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